Chef Kwong


Peter started giving cooking lessons and demos at the local markets in Milwaukee and MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College). At the beginning, he just focused on Chinese cuisine; as there were more and more requests about other cuisines, he has extended in Thai, Mexican, Italian and even French. He acquired all these knowledge by working with many international chefs. “It is like playing musical instruments. Once you master one particular device, you can pretty much figure out others. Same with cooking, once you learn the basic skills, you can start experimenting with others easily. The ingredients may be totally different; but that’s the fun part!”

His recipes are easy and simple to follow, and so are the cooking procedures. Many times, his students would taste the foods that they made, and exclaimed, “My, this is the best I have yet tasted; and it is so easy and simple!” Why waste a lot of time searching for different ingredients, and more time in prepping and cooking?” Peter’s philosophy about eating is to share and have fun. Agree?

Check out the schools that he is giving classes and different types of cuisine he is offering. Never know, there might be a school nearby offering something you always wanted.  Contact your local learning institution and ask for Chef Peter H. Kwong’s class!